Keeping Harvey Company - The Album

The First is Always the Hardest

Starting as only an EP with 5 songs, the now (classified as) album with 7 songs took two years to record and a previous 2 years to write. With their first single off the album being Texas Girl released July 13, 2016, this gritty-down home, girl power fueled song was written by Mae Harvey sharing her feelings on her robust figure and sassy, Texas sized attitude. The second single Kickin' Stones being a little more down to Earth, singing about leaving your hometown to follow your dreams, shows a little on the bands lyrical diversity. Keep On Livin' was the first song written on the album. Mae wrote this song at the age of 13 during a tough time of teen suicides in her hometown. Its message is to not give up during the hard times and to remember that the people who leave this Earth too early are still around. The third song is titled Memories, written by Mae Harvey and Tanner Churchwell, it's a up-tempo song about the life of a young couple and all the memories they've made so far along the way. Oilfield Wife, the fourth song, written by both Harvey sisters came from their hometown being primarily known for Oil. It was written for the wives of all these hard-working men who leave their families to come and be apart of this fast growing industry. Out in the Open or the Barn Song, as it's come to be known, is about a teenage girl pleading her crush to ask her daddy to date her. It's paired with a catchy, red dirt sound and tight bluegrass harmonies. The sixth song is called Young Love. Just as it sounds is, this song is a sweet little love song about two old souls who were meant to be. 

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